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Velvet Dreams

The velvet trend appeared in 2018, but is definitely still riding its wave into 2019! Velvet exudes luxury and always makes a statement.

Although royal blue velvet sofas seem to be among the most popular ways to incorporate this trend into a living space, we’re also seeing ruby reds, bright yellows, and even soft pinks in the realm of velvet furniture. Did we go back in time? Sure feels like it. However, in some way these items actually bring a modern essence to a space, despite being an “old-fashioned” fabric.

Is a velvet couch a little too daring for you? Perhaps you’re more comfortable with opting for a velvet armchair instead. This is also a part of the velvet trend and is seen in a lot of high end homes! You can incorporate this into your dining room even, as dining chairs. Or, if you have a reading area, it’s definitely acceptable to place a pair of the same armchairs side by side, or even one on its own. The velvet material will immediately enhance the space and give it more of a regal feel.

If even this is too much, the easiest way (and least expensive!) is to simply choose some velvet accessories. Rather than purchasing a whole new sofa, you can simply accessorize your current sofa with some velvet pillows. Or, you can purchase a velvet throw blanket and drape that over your bed!

Trends do come and go, but there is almost always an affordable way to take part and enjoy them without a big commitment. Accessories and decorative elements are much more powerful than we think!

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