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Styling Your Home for 2019: Interior How to's

Interior design is an ever-changing, always moving, adaptive creative landscape. Trends are always changing, which is why they’re called trends to begin with! It’s always short lived.

In 2018 it was evident that there was a focus on gold and rose gold fixtures and decorative pieces, exposed lighting, and of course, subway tiles.

2019 interior design trends bring a fresh perspective to mingling eclectic tastes with modern touches. This year we are allowed to paint beyond the lines a little, and have more freedom with decorative elements.

One trend is the use of artisanal pieces in the home, like handmade light fixtures or tables. Handmade items are a great way to personalize the home and invite a feeling of comfort and hospitality.

Another trend that we are loving, is the merging of natural elements into urban spaces. Neutral, earthy tones are dominating a lot of spaces, and materials like concrete, brick, and copper are making their way into the spotlight. These ‘industrial’ materials are easily complemented by lush potted plants, allowing for balance in the home. The palm tree seems to be the most common choice for corner plants in a room.

Velvet! We are seeing a lot of velvet come into play this year. Most notably, it’s royal blue velvet couches and armchairs that are becoming the statement pieces of a living space. Interestingly, velvet was viewed as dated and old-fashioned, (think about your mom’s velvet dress suit from the 90s), and now its viewed as the ultimate modern luxury furniture item!

Brass and copper are big right now. Most modern luxury bathrooms are without stainless steel, and are sporting eye catching brass faucets. You will also notice bar carts coming onto the scene with copper décor. Check out copper drink mixing sets, they are beautiful!

In terms of colour, we are seeing a re-emergence of soft pinks, black and whites, and deep reds…some of which would have been considered design no-no only a few years back. Rather than only sticking to cooler tones like blues and greens for accent colours, red is coming in hot!

Lastly, we are seeing geometric patterns, most notably in bathroom showers, or kitchen backsplashes. It adds a dramatic presence to the space, and makes what seemed simple and basic, refreshed. You can also apply this trend in other forms, like a decorative throw or a pillow to get the same effect.

2019 has been an exciting year so far for interior design trends. There’s more freedom and more ‘daring’ options and trends to choose from. We can’t wait what 2020 has in store.

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